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"A young man struggles to survive his violent surroundings in 1960's Harlem New York. Based on actual events."

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"Detective Aaron Sullivan is assigned to undercover detail on a missing persons case in the backwoods of West Virginia with his new, unlikely partner (Bennett Cole) a marijuana farmer and confidential informant." Based on actual events.

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The Los Angeles Cinefest Festival

Southern California Screenplay Competition


2018 Pasadena International Film Festival


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Matt McLaughlin of Silent Partner Productions wrote a new feature length screenplay "SOUL SURVIVAL" which has been submitted to various screenwriting festivals.  Here is a brief synopsis of the story:

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soul survival

Upon consuming a poisonous meal of fugu (blowfish) Richard wakes in a conscious state of paralysis to find himself fighting to save his troubled soul.


Gold Prize Winner
World Series of Screenwriting

New Life Film Fest

Las Vegas Screenplay Contest


"Struggling actors Eddie & Bear take their skills to the streets when they assume the identities of corrupt LAPD Detectives shaking down Hollywood's drug dealers to the stars." Based on actual events.

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logo amasiaMatt McLaughlin appeared in the Pilot episode of Project Pitch where he pitched his new screenplay "Hollywood Heists" to executives at AMASIA entertainment.


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Matt McLaughlin wrote the screen adaptation to the autobiography, "Back When I Didn't Know No Better - The Ghetto Wonder Years" by Joey Covington. Below is the Amazon link where the book can be purchased. The author and producers are currently shopping the screenplay around to independent investors.

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back from heavens front porch danny baderMatt McLaughlin of Silent Partner Productions is currently writing a screenplay adaptation to Danny Bader's autobiography, Back From Heaven's Front Porch, soon to be a major motion picture.  Below is a link Matt and the author.

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