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Film Reviews: Gone (2012) - By Brian Morton
Posted on Sunday, March 03, 2013 @ 09:53:46 Mountain Standard Time by Duane



You’ve heard it since you were a kid; the past will catch up with you. And, if you live long enough, you’ll actually see it happen…whether it’s to you or to someone else, it really happens! Well, a new movie from Silent Partner Productions, Gone, manages to capture that old saying on film, and they throw in a dash of revenge for good measure!

Gone is the story of Mike, a former junkie who’s not allowed back to his hometown for crimes in his past. When Mike learns of his brother’s death, he heads back home anyway to attend the funeral, be with family and find out what happened. When he finds out that his brother was killed, Mike makes it his mission to find out who killed him and exact his revenge, all while being tailed by two cops who want to take Mike back to prison.

Gone’s an interesting little movie, John Brotherton is perfect as Mike, a guy who’s trying to get his act together, only to feel like he’s being dragged back into the mess he’s left behind and writer/director Matthew McLaughlin has crafted a story that’s both well told, and well crafted…and yes, there is a difference!

Gone manages to time jump a bit, but does it in a way to make the story just that much better! I’m giving Gone 4 out of 4 cigars, I’d love to see Mike return to his hometown again…or maybe just help someone else’s hometown! You can find out more, including where to catch this excellent pic, by heading over to http://www.silentpp.com.